Perspective. Conditional VS Unconditional Love

We can only say to you: let it flow through you, let it fall away as it will; cling not and do not reach, but be. Allow the energies that are yours to come to you. -Q’uo

So profound are these words for me.

I have a tendency to care so damn much about people. Specially when I see they’re in a state of suffering. I always want to go in and have them see that it doesn’t have to be this way, that the very nature/heart of their being is pure love and all the qualities that come along with that. When I do this, I myself start suffering. I begin to feel the pain of someone who I perceive is so lost and disconnected that they completely forget and neglect the very nature of who they are. It hurts to view others in pain.

I love the example Jesus gave when he would turn his focus from that which was perceived as flawed. He knew the truth of every being, he saw the perfection of each being no matter what. So many people idolize Jesus but they’re unwilling to follow his example, which was the heart of the teaching itself. If you’re ever viewing someone in a underpowered way , turn the other way, and see them beyond. It does not help anyone to look upon another as helpless or flawed. Their perspective may be, and to some degree all of our perspectives have some distortion, but the being itself is without flaw.

I have spent enough time caring. Through out time I’ve realized you can never change anyone. Literally. You can only be an example, you can only guide and speak your truth. People have free will and will choose exactly what they want even if it’s hurting them, it is their right. I was in that space before so I can understand that. It is actually how I began seeking and therefor finding clarity, by the catalyst of suffering. It serves it’s purpose but it is most definitely not necessary.

Biased love hurts. I would say that this is not love only attachment, however, I have realized that EVERYTHING is love. Your very existence is a reflection of this great love. So let’s say love filtered through limiting belief systems. I see this a lot in relationships. People staying with partners or family members for the name of so called love instead of following our hearts desire. An example in my experience has been with my Father. I love him deeply and he wants me around, he has mentioned in many ways he feels alone and I know that I sooth that part by being around and by living with him. Many times I have had the desire to travel, to explore, to move out and gain perspective! But I love him, and he’s getting older and I fear being that daughter that leaves knowing all he wants is company, knowing he will deeply miss me, knowing all he wants is love from his family. I feel like I should stick around to support him, to show him that I care, to “love”. This love is extremely conditional, it limits you and it hurts.

Unconditional love is free. Unconditional love says go forth and do as you will and I will love you nontheless. Unconditional love knows the perfection of each entity, it knows not separation, it knows unity. These are many biases people (I include myself in all of it) have based around love. They are not willing to relax, to let go and recognize the infinite love available in each moment by your very own being/Creator that is completely independent from circumstances. That love is infinitely supplied, it is not needy, it is not biased, it is free. So to stay in any kind of relationship in the name of “oh but they need me, oh but I should be there for them, oh but they’ll be hurt if I leave is all completely biased, learned love. Seeing through the eyes of source/God means letting go of all these biases. The love that shines forth when you let go is the love that knows they are safe and supported without you whether they choose to see that or not it is completely up to them not you.

You have 0 responsibility for how someone chooses to feel about their life, only how you choose to see that. You will be much more of service to both parties to continue with your hearts desires and see them in the most empowering way you can. You will continue the suffering and limitation by neglecting your desires and staying someplace you feel you should but don’t want to. Begin to trust! There is a great, intelligent plan and grand picture behind your desires. That is why you desire the things you do, because they will guide you to greater clarity!

Love with wisdom is something I am so glad I am integrating. The wisdom of my heart, of the Creator, that knows everything is in perfect order. That knows the infinity, love and well being of every being whether they’re choosing to experience that now or not. The wisdom that knows there is nothing I should do about another choosing to experience pain, the wisdom to let go. The wisdom to honor others free will like I honor my own. The wisdom to keep focus on my path, my highest love and vision and that those who resonate with that will flow into my experience.

Don’t back track or limit yourself for anyone! You end up hurting yourself and from a hurt space you can’t help anyone, not even yourself.  Let go and trust in the bigger picture, even if you can not yet see it, it’s there. Trust and build your faith; an unshakeable faith.

The pain you feel when letting go is the pain of your attachment. I know now nothing could ever touch/hurt the reality of who you are. Only our ideas about ourselves can be hurt. Ideas that have so intentionally and carefully been placed there by others with seeming authority who don’t want us to know our truth, our infinite power. It can be very, and mostly always is subliminal. I call this the programming. And most people are lost in this programming including myself at times. Knowing and admitting you have been programmed by society allows for transformation to occur. Denying it will always keep you in the program. And you will defend it for your life if you believe in it. This will keep you small. Small compared to the vastness and unimaginable love and power that you ARE!


I’ll tell you this, follow your grandest resonance, your grandest joy and you will be of service to the all. It will little by little lead you to yourself, to greater and greater clarity. Stop denying amd suppressing your hearts desire. Stop thinking you know better. Let yourself be guided. Let people choose for themselves and focus on you.

Much love,